LR-216 Polyurethane Dispensing System

LR-216 series robot is designed especially for high speed and precise three dimensional dispensing of sealants, glues or encapsulants. Robust steel frame construction with high dynamics servomotors, low backlash gearboxes and high precision tooth & rack drives on all axes provide high acceleration rates, high traversing speeds and precise contour tracking. The state-of-the-art design concept ensures to achieve shorter process time, smooth and precise dispensing.

The control system of the LR-216 uses a future-oriented industry PC technology with a real-time operating and bus system. Due to this system, no mechanical parts like hard discs or fans are required anymore. All system and program data are stored on ''compact flash'' cards. The networking and connections of external equipment can be carried out without previous parameterisation (plug&play). Onboard and remote diagnosis by modem or TCP/IP makes our service available all over the world. Modular design, innovative technology and process-reliable sequences will promote the efficiency of your investment.


LR-216 Technical specifications:

  • Highly dynamic 3-axis linear robot with toothed-rack drive, of robust construction and high rates of acceleration for high precision application of reactive polymer materials. The operating data is displayed on a screen fitted to the central dosing and mixing control unit. The system is designed for applications that involve high speed processing combined with rapid changes in direction.

  • Chassis section based on a robust welded steel-frame construction supplied coated and fitted with adjustable leveling feet and floor-anchoring point.

  • Guide system with maintenance-free, low-wear linear bearings, designed for high-load operation

  • High dynamic AC servo and toothed-rack drives

  • Mechanical end-limit and referencing switches

  • Use of supply-line guide chains, for the securing of compressed-air, electrical and hydraulic power lines

  • Manipulator : Robust, steel construction 3 degree of freedom cartesian robot

  • Displacements : X=2300mm, Y=1250mm, Z=400mm

  • Max. axis speed : 60 m/min.

  • Max. acceleration : 10 m/s2

  • Positioning accuracy : +/- 0,08 mm

  • Repeating accuracy : +/- 0,08 mm

  • Electrical system : according to EN 60204-1 standard

  • Load capacity : 30 kg

  • Chassis section : RAL7016 (anrasit grey)

  • Rated power approx. : 8 kVA

  • Power supply : 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz or according to country specification

  • Compressed air approx. : 1,3 l/m @6-7 bar

  • Dosing : Two high precision pumps for dosing, two pumps for re-circulation

The DM 502/503 is a 2- or multi-component high-performance low pressure semi- or fully automatic mixing and dosing system for gasket, gluing and potting applications of different types of parts. The DM 502/503 precisely processes liquid, medium to high viscose media such a polyurethane, silicones, epoxy resins and other polymer reaction substances.

Voltron system owners are already prepared for tomorrow's tasks as Voltron systems are able to handle different parts with new geometries and material even under changing circumstances. The 3 component version DM 503 makes it possible to process different materials simultanesously. This future oriented technology is adaptable to all Voltron precision mixing heads. Whatever the use is- either as a module n a fully autometed production line or as a stand-alone system the DM 502/503 can be integrated into any production concept.


DM 502/503 Dosing System

DM-503 Dosing system

DM 502/503 Dosing System Technical Specifications:

  • Dynamic mixing head with environmentally friendly re-circulation cleaning system, no methylene chloride and no contaminated water discharge

  • Double walled stainless steel pressure tanks for A and B components, 44 liters each ( standard)

  • Temperature conditioning unit with heating and cooling features (standard)

  • All component hoses are thermally isolated and isolation materials are also covered with protection nets

  • Thermal insulation for component tanks

  • High tensile steel-reinforced polyamid high pressure component hoses

  • Speed controlled agitator for A component tanks

  • Air nucleation for A component tanks

  • Ultrasonic type level sensors for continuous component level measurement

  • Anti-dropping nozzle valve system

  • Automatic flushing and drying system

  • High precision dosing and re-circulation pumps

  • Digital pressure monitoring devices for flow rate and pressure control

  • Scracth proof coated mixing head parts

  • High precision air pressure regulators

  • High capacity air dryer filter

  • Self cleaning ISO filter easy maintenance and increased pump life

  • Proved and tested Emergency Stop monitoring and de-activation

  • Available mixing chambers in different sizes

  • Available nozzles in different sizes

  • Mixing chamber temperature control system

  • Short maintenance times

  • Low maintenance

  • High productivity and reliability


Graphics based user interface for monitoring and setting up system parameters easily.


Control concept:

  • The system control is based on stand-alone powerful industrial CNC unit with linear, circular and helical interpolation.

  • The CNC unit is programmed in G code according to DIN 66025

  • Operator interface with 15'' TFT Industrial PC

  • Easy programming software

  • Operator friendly, graphics based user interface for monitoring and setting up system parameters easily

  • Operator panel language in English, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish other languages are upon request

  • Data for operating system and system programs stored on Compact Flash Card

  • Data backup via USB stick, serial interface or LAN

  • Programmable potlife monitoring, dosing quantity preselection, automatic rinsing and material conditioning

  • Monitoring of the component pressure using the digital display

  • Open periphery interface

  • Central control of additional periphery / automation possible

Easy dispensing software for rectangular or circular paths is included as a standard feature and especially suitable for manufacturers having products with various ranges of dimensions.